"I couldn’t and didn’t want to interrupt my career. That’s why studying and working was the only option for me. 
Great support from the online team and my own self-discipline helped me complete the course even within the standard timeframe."

Wolfgang Zöbl, graduate of the online course Engineering and Management, Senior Systems Engineer, Siemens AG

Our online courses offer you the opportunity to continue your education with maximum flexibility (alongside work, maternity leave etc.) and they are an attractive way of expanding your career horizons. 

You can study from your desk at home. You complete course work in your own time with the support of professors at the university. There’s an online team ready to answer students’ questions or deal with any problems that might crop up. Equally helpful, on Fridays and Saturdays around four times per semester, you can attend intensive seminars in person at the Wilhelmshaven campus.

Whenever you want, you can use the study modules via the learning platform. You decide at the beginning of each semester which and how many modules you want to book. Planning is easy because all the important dates are fixed and published right at the start of each semester.