INTEGRA - Preparing for your studies and job

You have the necessary academic qualifications for studying in Germany, are interested in studying at the Jade University of Applied Sciences, are not yet enroled at a university and are a recognised refugee or have temporary admission? Then it is possible to take part in the Integra programme.

Integra is a bridging course that can be attended for one or two semesters, during which the chosen students will be prepared for their studies at the Jade UAS. The programme covers a variety of courses during its minimum of 24 semester hours (each week). The following courses are included: German courses (e.g. technical German and preparation for the TestDaF exam), courses on how to work academically and courses in intercultural competence.

Please note that the INTEGRA programme is currently only available at the Wilhelmshaven campus.

Our aim

We want to:

  • help you prepare for your studies
  • help you integrate at university and in your daily life in Germany
  • help you prepare yourself for the German labour market

What will be covered?

  • improving your language competences
  • strategies for self-directed learning
  • broadening your existing technical knowledge
  • make you sensitive towards intercultural differences between home and German cultures
  • communication and acting strategies in professional circumstances

What is the advantage of the programme?

  • the bridging year is a great opportunity to integrate on a social and academic level, e.g. through participating in student life
  • work towards you passing the TestDaF exam, which is an admission requirement for studying at the Jade UAS
  • you will have the opportunity to begin or continue your academic career in Germany
  • first steps to achieving a German university degree (Bachelor or Master)
  • support through mentors
  • learning of key qualifications, such as competences in communication, decision-making and responsibility

What does the application process look like?

  • individual consultation; putting together you educational biography
  • state of knowledge regarding language and technical topics
  • if you are accepted: putting together your individual timetable

Which documents are needed?

  • CV (in German or English) including a photo
  • short motivational letter (in German or English)
  • copies of all your certificates (if possible in German or English, otherwise in your mother tongue)
  • proof of language proficiency in German, at least B1 level
  • residence status document

How can I apply?

Please contact Nele Hellmold via e-mail or telephone and make an appointment to discuss how to proceed with your application.

How is INTEGRA financed?

INTEGRA is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.