Living in Germany

In Germany, you will usually have to pay a deposit on your accommodation, which can be as high as 1-3 months' rent. Once you move out, this sum will be paid back to you. However, should the landlord find damages to the property, they are allowed to keep the amount of money required to repair the damages. Before signing a lease, you should read the agreement in detail. You can find a standardised lease agreement on the Tenant Association's (Mieterbund) website. As you will only be living in Germany temporarily, you should get a lease for the duration of you stay only.

German universities generally do not have a large campus including halls of residence. Therefore, students need to find their own accommodation. You can, however, apply for a room in the university's student housing. Application forms are available at the Studentenwerk

Rooms in flat/house shares with German students can be found at

The average rent is at about € 200 per month.

If you are interested in renting privately, the Studentenwerk can support you in finding a room. 

More information and tips on finding privately rented accommodation can be found on the webpages of the respective places of study.