International Matters

Welcome to the International section of Jade University of Applied Sciences. Here you can find all relevant information regarding international matters.

3. März, 9:45 Uhr, Campus Wilhelmshaven, Raum S E27-34

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17. März, 19.30 Uhr, Wilhelmshaven, Kirchreihe 104

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7. April, 19.30 Uhr, Wilhelmshaven, Kirchreihe 104

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Incoming students
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Outgoing students

For last-minute decision makers: Internship Abroad

Some last-minute funds for internships in the European Eramus area during the summer semester 2020 have become available. Ideally, you will have already been accepted for an internship placement. Please contact Iris Wilters if you are interested.

Events organised by the International Office

The International Office organises a number of events for students during the semester, such as a number of international evenings. Contact Rita Forkel, Wilhelmshaven, and Nele Hellmold, Oldenburg and Elsfleth, for more information.