International Office

The International Office is the main contact point for any student or staff connected with Jade University planning to go abroad. We offer individual and detailed planning assistance at all three campuses in Oldenburg, Elsfleth and Wilhelmhaven for your intended stay abroad or for foreign students coming to Germany.

We will be more than happy to provide you with the support you may require when planning your stay abroad, whether within or outside of Europe. If you are a foreign student planning to study in Germany, we can offer you extensive assistance to help you facilitate your plans. Our contacts to 171 partner universities in 35 different countries will definitely enable us to cater to your special needs.

Head of International Office

Andrea Menn

Andrea Menn M.A.

Phone: +49 4421 985 23 86

Staff Wilhelmshaven

Iris Wilters

Dipl.-Kffr. Iris Wilters

Deputy head of International Office

Tel.: +49 4421 985 26 05

Rita Forkel

Rita Forkel

Tel.: 04421 985 26 04

Sabine Ahlers

Sabine Ahlers

Tel.: 04421 985 26 06

Svenja Renner

Svenja Renner M.A.

Tel.: 04421 985 29 47

Jane Fischer

Jane Fischer B.A.

Tel.: 04421 985 21 66

Ilze Peksa

Ilze Peksa B.A.

Tel.: 04421 985 29 48

Yan Shen

Yan Shen

Tel.: 04421 985 2604

Helena Overina

Tel.: 04421 985 2604

Staff Oldenburg

Dr. Phil. Julia Blandfort

Tel.: 0441 7708 31 14

Anneke Freudenthal

Anneke Freudenthal

Tel.: 0441 7708 31 38