Workgroup 8: Intercultural Communication

The course “ICC & Management” is designed to teach appropriate behaviour when dealing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds within the tourism sector. Good communication skills and management are part of this.
The overall goal of the course is to introduce basic notions and approaches of intercultural communication. Maintenance and advancement of intercultural dialogues are an efficient factor that determines consensus and friendly relations between peoples.
After participation the student should:

  • Understand the importance of culture in different contexts within the tourism sector.
  • Illustrate his/her awareness of the deep-rooted assumptions, ideas and emotions pertaining to their own as well as the other culture(s).
  • Interpret examples of critical incidents of ICC.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deal with miscommunications that may arise in intercultural contexts.
  • Understand the relationship between ICC and globalization.
  • Use ICC communication skills with other people in the service field.
  • Understand peculiarities of intercultural communication according to a specific country or/and historical-cultural heritage.
  • Apply the obtained knowledge of cultural diversity at different levels of intercultural communication
  • Demonstrate new methods and ways of organizing and managing various types of tourism through intercultural communication.