Coming from Abroad

You would like to study, teach or complete a research stay at Jade University of Applied Sciences? We look forward to welcoming you! For any questions please contact Ilze Peksa or Svenja Renner (Wilhelmshaven) or Anneke Freudenthal (Oldenburg/Elsfleth).

In order to get an impression of what it is like to study at Jade UAS, watch this video.

Study Programmes

Jade University of Applied Sciences offers a diversified set of Bachelor and Master programmes at its study sites WilhelmshavenOldenburg and Elsfleth

Here you can find an overview of all study programmes.

ATTENTION! If you apply for an admission-limited study programme (with NC), there are new application deadlines for you as foreign student:
Wintersemester:    15.06.

Sommersemester:     15.12.
The deadlines for admission- free study programmes (free of NC) remain unchanged:
Wintersemester:     15.09.
Sommersemester:  15.03.

Please note that German is the language of instruction of all programmes. Only a few programmes include some modules in English. An overview of the modules being taught in English can be found here.

International Summer Schools

In addition to the overall study programme at Jade University, the International Office also offers International Summer Schools for foreign and German students.

Each year, both the department of Engineering Sciences and the International Office organize the Biomedical Engineering Summer School as well as the Fluidic MEMS Summer School.

Moreover, there are the Winter- and Summer German Course at the Coast. These are German Intensive Courses of 4 weeks for prospective students from abroad. This course serves as a useful language preparation if you plan to visit Jade University of Applied Sciences as an exchange student.However, if you seek to do your full time studies at Jade University, we recommend that you visit an intensive course at a language school or institute. This allows you to reach the high language level of German which is required to study at a university.