Health Insurance

Germany has a good public healthcare system and whilst everyone can freely choose a health insurance company and insurance terms and conditions, all students under the age of 30 are obliged to have cost-covering health insurance for the entire semester when enrolling or registering for the new semester.

The health insurance company covers costs for medical or dental treatments, medication, remedies, and disability aids as well as hospital treatments and numerous preventative treatments.

As a student, you are entitled to statutory insurance at a reduced monthly rate, which will cost approximately € 80 per month. Students who have studied for more than 14 semesters and/or are over 30 years old, are no longer eligible for reduced student insurance rates.

Under certain circumstances, e.g. if your country has a social security agreement with Germany, your health insurance from your home country will be accepted. This is generally the case for European insurances.

Information on health insurance in Germany:

Finding a health insurance company: (only available in German)