Exchange semester

You would like to study for one or two semesters as an exchange student at Jade University? Even if you do not studyat one of our partner universities this is possible.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Ilze Peksa (Wilhelmshaven) or Julia Blandfort (Oldenburg/Elsfleth).

Knowledge of German

There are limited courses that include some modules in English. Most modules are offered in German. You should therefore know German. In general, a minimum language level of B2 is recommended. You should take an intensive German course before the semester starts. We offer the Summer German Course and the Winter German Course in Wilhelmshaven.

Application and nomination

Depending on whether you speak German or English, take a look at the offered English- or German-language courses make your choices. Contact the International Office for a confirmation of your choice and to find out whether other subjects can be chosen. If you are satisfied with your choice of subjects and decide to study with us, apply.

In order to apply for an exchange program at Jade University, you must be nominated by your university  or you contact Ilze Peksa (Wilhelmshaven) or Julia Blandfort (Oldenburg/Elsfleth) directly. As soon as the nomination has been successfully completed and you have received the approval for your studies from both your home university and Jade UAS, the enrolment process begins.


To enrol you must submit the following documents on time:

  •     Certificate of enrolment at your home university (matriculation, student ID card or similar)
  •     Erasmus scholarship certificate (if available)
  •     Proof of health insurance (e.g. the EHIC form) for the duration of your studies at the Jade HS
  •     a confirmation thatyou are financially secure during your stay at Jade HS. This can be a scholarship certificate stating the amount and duration of your scholarship (in German or English). It must be clear how much financial support you will receive during your stay.
  •     a passport photo (print or digital)
  •     Copy of identity card (print or digital)
  •     curriculum vitae
  •     current transcript of grades

By enrolling at Jade University you will also receive your CampusCard, with which you can use the library services, pay at the Mensa and use the local trains and buses (partly IC/EC train use) in almost all of Lower Saxony. For this you have to pay a certain semester fee before the semester starts. The costs for this are made up of the following individual fees per semester: Studentenwerk contribution, AStA contribution, administration fee and semester ticket contribution. The contribution fee for exchange students is a little less than that for full-time students.