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Each year, 100 students join the architecture course in Oldenburg. More than 50 percent of our students are female. The narrow confines of the building industry in the 19th and 20th centuries have been broken down. Today's graduates must be able to identify new challenges and solutions. A contemporary course in architecture depends on intensive communication and shared inspiration between students and lecturers. Our course is designed to produce expert architects with a view for the whole picture.

Civil Engineering and Geoinformation

The department of Civil Engineering and Geoinformation at our Oldenburg campus is one of Germany's largest. The Civil Engineering sector unites professors from a broad spectrum of specialist fields who make up a multi-professional team. That makes it a centre of interdisciplinary excellence. Our Geoinformation sector is a major centre of research at Jade University of Applied Sciences. Current developments such as GPS-aided applications and laser scanning as well as the growing need for resource and energy management have increased the technical and economic importance of geoinformation enormously.

Engineering Sciences

This department, with its hands-on Bachelor and Master courses, is the major educator of engineers in North-West Germany. There's huge scope for in-depth study of topics that interest you. A special feature of the department is a range of courses with a focus on practical learning. They usually take the form of a dual course leading to a Bachelor's degree plus a professional qualification in industry. This meshing of two aspects is what makes this approach to professional training uniquely attractive. 

Computer Science in Engineering and Management

This department is our centre of expertise for interdisciplinary courses. Our graduates emerge with the scientific and management qualifications that are in demand today. That puts them in a strong position on the job market. International players require employees who relish changes in the business world as an opportunity, who are able to manage interdisciplinary projects, love working in teams, look beyond the horizons of the current project to its overall context within the company, and have learnt how to learn.

Maritime Management

Elsfleth is home to Germany's largest maritime university department by far. It's where future managers qualify for on-board professions (Nautical Science) and for maritime logistics professions in international transport (Maritime Economics and Port Management, as well as International Transport Management) The range also includes the MA course in Maritime Management. Our university has widespread contacts to universities abroad, ensuring an international exchange of ideas. All this means the department provides an ideal basis for future internationally active employees on land and at sea.

Business Computing

This department is driven by the ideas, theories, projects and abilities that our teaching staff discuss and expand on together with you during your course. A vital aspect of our courses is their practical focus. How do we achieve it? Mainly through our choice of teaching staff. They all draw on long careers in their fields in business. Apart from this practical orientation, what makes the department stand out is a broad, integrated basic training programme as well as a successful focus on certain industries (e. g. tourism).