Bachelor School

A Bachelor's course gives you a solid grounding in a subject, leading to a first academic title after six to eight semesters.

Jade University of Applied Sciences offers a broad range of Bachelor courses. Common to all of them are a future-oriented, hands-on approach with good career opportunities, while some also feature international components.
Simply take a closer look at our course descriptions and their contents. Even if at first glance a course or its name doesn't grab you, it could be a perfect match for your talents and goals!

It's also worth reading what students have to say about their courses and their experiences. You can see and hear even more in our video clips: why study at Jade University of Applied Sciences?

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, relatively new in Germany, are based on the English system of academic degrees that build on each other. As a rule, the Bachelor is the first qualification, and the subsequent Master involves deeper knowledge of the same subject.  Currently, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are usual in more than 80 percent of countries worldwide, making them internationally comparable.

Overview of courses and online Application