Business, Management in Tourism

In a globalized economy, students who tackle business topics work at the cutting edge. This underlines the importance of this study field. Studying business at the University of Applied Sciences gives you a considerable advantage: the learning experience takes place on a much more practical level than at a traditional university. In specific fields our graduates have become experts rather than simply qualified.

Jade University offers an exciting mix of disciplines at its three campuses in Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg and Elsfleth:
The classic Business Administration study course (Wilhelmshaven) teaches you the skills to understand economic and business processes in practice, and to deal with them by using scientific methods and expertise. The Tourism Management study course (Wilhelmshaven) provides future commercial managers with practical tools to prepare them for jobs in tourism and related (service) industries. Especially today, with continually rising utility costs, professional facility management is essential, and graduates from our Facility Management study course (Oldenburg) are in demand. Hardly any other industry in Germany is booming quite like the port industry, and specialists who know all about port operations are hard to find. That is why people who complete our Maritime Economics and Port Management study course (Elsfleth) are keenly sought after. Media Management graduates can also look forward to a bright future. They learn different skills that are still strictly detached from each other in media companies: journalism, marketing and management. Employees with the in-depth know-how necessary in these areas are far too rarely found in publishing houses, radio and TV companies as well as media agencies. There is a special focus in our Economics and Business  Management Department on Engineering and Management (Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg) – and with good reason: these multi-disciplinary specialists with expertise in business and technology are always in demand.

If you already have proper employment, or would like to study from your home, you can also study Business Administration online. You can use our online-learning platform, supplementary material and on-campus seminars to gain a broad foundation in your chosen subject.
Unable to decide between vocational training and university? Then simply do both. Our dual courses, Economics - and Insurance, Banking and Finance alternate between practical phases in companies and study periods in Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven. Secondary education graduates with good university-entrance grades can combine a fully-recognized professional qualification gained at a cooperating company with a practice-related Bachelor's degree. Employees who already hold a commercial qualification can study alongside their profession. 

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