Engineers develop, plan and organise in all areas of life where technical equipment is used. They transform innovations, improvements and optimisations into concrete products and applications, as well as marketing them. Increasingly important today is interdisciplinary, flexible working across the whole range of engineering fields. 

Our engineering courses cover a broad range: civil engineering , electrotechnology, IT, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, medical technology and surveying.

Without civil engineers there would be no buildings. As a mechanical engineer or mechatronics engineer, you would be part of one of Germany’s largest and most important branches of industry, contributing your ideas for a better future. Alternatively, work in energy generation and supply, or in telecommunications as an IT engineer. Develop automation technology or optimal production methods for high productivity and top quality of products made at safe, clean workplaces. Devise medical machines and equipment to improve our health and comfort, or map the world as a surveyor or geoinformatics expert, providing information for navigation devices.

Job prospects for engineers are always good. The employment market for engineers has grown steadily. Even in economically difficult times, hiring engineers is an investment in the future and in innovative capacity that will lead to new products and applications.

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