Informatics, Business Computing

“Desperately sought” – that’s the situation for IT specialists on the German employment market. Bitkom President Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer puts it like this: “The shortage of computer scientists remains a serious problem. Universities can’t meet the demand from industry and science for IT personnel.”

That’s why Jade University is on the right track with its Business Computing and Geoinformation courses, both focusing on IT and with excellent study conditions.

Roughly speaking, Geoinformation is a continuation of geography and geodesy using computer technology. What’s special here is the spatial element of the data, in other words, each object (WHAT?) is registered and saved in relation to its location (WHERE?). Geoinformation systems evaluate the data according to specialist aspects. The systems consist of special programs that for instance represent information saved in databases on a digital map. Geoinformation specialists develop, update and modify these systems. The bottom line is that even everyday programs like Google Earth would be unthinkable without geoinformation experts. What’s more, the economic exploitation of the raw material “geoinformation” is still in its infancy, which means our graduates can expect to enter a growing (employment) market.

Business Computing covers an extremely wide range of activities. Graduates in this discipline work at the interface between users and IT or companies and customers. They are at home both in the world of business and in IT. Just some examples of jobs in this field are project manager, software developer or business consultant in all industries. Take for instance Sylvia Bauer (28) from Osnabrück, who graduated in Wilhelmshaven a few years ago. “Straight after university, I joined a business consultancy company where I’d worked during my course and written my dissertation “, she says. Today, she’s a Project Manager and expertly manages five developers. She says: “I can recommend studying in Wilhelmshaven to anybody who is interested in Business Computing. The qualifications you get there are an excellent preparation for the international job market and for working in a team.” 

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