Management and Engineering

Are you interested in innovative technical products and how to present them attractively on a competitive market (marketing, product management)? Or how about organising perfect delivery procedures, (logistics), ensuring compliance with quality criteria and environmental requirements (quality management) or taking responsibility for the optimal control and monitoring of business processes (controlling)?

Our Engineering and Management courses give you the opportunity to combine all these aspects in a unique range of skills. They qualify you perfectly for a broad spectrum of challenges in all industries. It’s no longer enough to develop, produce and launch a product on the market. Today, innovative companies have to do more. That’s why they need qualified experts and managers capable of combining the goals of the various company divisions into a single strategy. Engineering and Management graduates have the necessary expertise to achieve this. They are extremely versatile and often work at the interfaces between business management and technology. So it’s no surprise they are highly prized by both industrial companies and service providers. Proof of this is provided by the starting salaries they command as well as their job security. Even when the employment market in Germany was in crisis, Engineering and Management specialists didn’t need to worry about their jobs. According to a survey conducted by the Association of German Industrial Engineers (Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure (VWI)), “The human resources managers we questioned considered job prospects in this field to be very positive”.

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