Health & Technology

The medical technology industry is, to coin a phrase, in the best of health. It is growing by around eight percent per year. That means most medium-sized companies in the industry based in Germany are looking for personnel. And, according to "VDI nachrichten", the weekly journal of the Association of German Engineers, they pay exceptionally well to get the right people. So if you’re attracted by the prospect of working with dental implants and prosthetics, X-ray or radiation technology, you don’t need to worry about the employment situation. There are very good job opportunities in development and product management as well as sales. Also sought-after are medical computer scientists who are needed by software developers or in hospital IT departments. Because German companies are highly successful internationally and export strongly, good English language skills are an advantage.

Relatively new in our course program and application forms is Assistive Technologies, launched in winter semester 2009. This course involves business and engineering skills as well as in-depth medical skills from the fields of rehabilitation and gerontology – and of course their effects on people’s lives. That’s what Assistive Technologies are all about - giving people who are restricted in their daily lives due to illness or age technical solutions for increased safety and comfort.

We cooperate closely in this field with Oldenburg University, and the scientists in Oldenburg are global leaders in the field of auditory technology and audiology. What’s more, the “House of Hearing” in Oldenburg is a unique research facility. There could hardly be a better way to enter this highly specialised niche. It’s not just about training hearing-aid technicians. There’s also a large job market for IHA graduates in audiology, audio and studio technology and telecommunications.