Exchange Students

Partner Universities

You can study at one of our partner universities for a semester or for a whole year. We have a number of cooperation agreements in Europe as well as some partner universities outside of Europe.

The courses that you complete at one of our partner universities can be recognized here. In order for that to work you create your own individual study program in a Learning Agreement which we check before your stay abroad so that the recognition can be secured in advance.


Would you like to come study at out university for a semester or a year? Welcome! Each semester we welcome exchange students to our faculty from our 18 partner schools.

The Faculty of Architecture at Jade University of Applied Sciences is located in the city centre of Oldenburg. The town was founded in 1345 and still maintains its historic character in the city centre and its surroundings, where you will find a lot of interesting architecture from the classical period. Oldenburg, nowadays, is a city with about 160.000 residents located in the north-western coastal region of Germany. The two Oldenburg Universities with about 13000 students make sure that you will always find a rich, cultural life and a vivid atmosphere in town.

We offer a 3 year Bachelor Degree Programme (B.A.) and a 2 year Master Degree Programme (M.A.). Each year about 150 students begin to study at our faculty which is composed of 15 attached professors, several research assistants, and external lectures. We offer an intensive working atmosphere when elaborating their design projects in small groups, personal mentoring, and studio workspace. You can sign up for courses from our Bachelor or Master Degree. Most of the courses are taught in German. However, each semester we offer some design projects which are taught in English.

On our website you can find some impressions about studying Architecture in Oldenburg and of course detailed informations for Incoming Students.


Would you like to study abroad at one of our 18 Partner Universities for a semester or a year? Welcome! We have numerous Co-operation Partners in Europe as well as some Co-operation Partners outside of Europe.

During a Bachelor Degree, the 4th or 5th semester is the best for a semester abroad. Depending on your individual study plan you can get up to 30 credit points (CP/ECTS) approved for your semester abroad. During the 3rd semester of the Master Degree, a module called "International Studies" (20 CP/ECTS) is integrated which you can chose alternatively to the "Individual Design Project". Therefore, the credit points (CP/ECTS) that you received during your stay abroad will be approved here. In addition, you can receive credit points for electives.

We will help you with choosing the university and with composing your learning agreement. (Contact)

For your stay abroad, you can apply for a BaFöG grant. If you’re planning a stay abroad at one of our European Partner Universities, then you can receive a grant with the Erasmus+ programme. For further information, please contact the International Office. (Contact)

The deadlines for an exchange over the Erasmus+ program are the 1.03 for the Wintersemester and the 31.08 for the following Summersemester. A nomination needs to have been acquired from the International Office until the deadlines if a student wants to do a semester abroad.

You can find more detailed information about your semester abroad here.