The Faculty of Architecture offers you the opportunity to integrate one or two semesters abroad into your studies. You can study at one of our partner universities or choose your own place of study (as a "free-mover"). In this way you can get to know other perspectives on architecture and studies, learn new languages or improve your language skills. And, of course, you will meet many new and interesting people and get to know their living environments.

Are you interested in a semester abroad at one of our partner universities?
You can find out which universities are partner universities of Jade University in the list of partner universities.

For more detailed questions, please contact the Counselor of International Affairs Almut Wolff.

Would you like more information on the necessary steps in order to study at one of our partner universities?
You can find more information about a stay abroad on our website.

Would you like to receive the Erasmus grant?
Please contact the International Office.

Would you like more information on BAfög abroad?
Information about BAföG abroad can be found on the official website.


Would you like to study abroad at one our 19 Partner Universities for a semester of a year?
Welcome! We have numerous co-operation partners in Europe as well as some co-operation partners outside of Europe. Here is a checklist about the necessary steps on the way to one of our partner universities.

  1. Deciding on the partner university.
  2. Applying for the Erasmus+ Program at the International Office.
  3. Participating in a language course.
  4. Applying to the partner university.
  5. Creating a learning agreement.

A list of partner universities and further information can be found on the website.

During a Bachelor Degree, the 5th semester is the best for a semester abroad. Depending on your individual study plan you can get up to 30 credit points (CP/ECTS) approved for your semester abroad.
During the 3rd semester of the Master Degree, a module called "International Studies" (20 CP/ECTS) is integrated which you can chose alternatively to the "Individual Desgin Project". Therefore, the credit points (CP/ECTS) that you received during your stay abroad will be approved here. In addition, you can receive credit points for electives. If only a 5-year architecture course is offered at our partner universities, you can take the modules from the last two years there.

There are various ways to obtain funding for your semester abroad:

If you want to study at a partner university in the EU, the ERASMUS programme is recommended. You can apply for the scholarship at the International Office. The amount of funding is adapted to the cost of living in the respective country.

The deadlines for an exchange over the Erasmus+ Program are the 1.03 for the winter semester and the 31.08 for the summer semester. A nomination needs to have been acquired from the International Office prior to the deadlines if a student wants to do a semester abroad.The university offers a number of language courses in preparation for a stay abroad. There are also language courses offered at the University of Oldenburg.

If you want to study outside the EU or at a university in the EU that is not a partner university, you can apply for the PROMOS scholarship. Requirements for applications include a professor's report, a list of grades and proof of language skills.

You can also receive support for your studies abroad from the BAföG office. As a rule, BAföG abroad covers the same amount of funding as would be available in Germany, plus additional allowances for travel to and from the country and health insurance, among other things. The Office requires a minimum duration of study abroad of six months; the maximum duration of funding depends on the standard period of study.

You can also apply for scholarships from other foundations.

It is also possible that sponsorship is offered directly abroad. Please contact the university in your country of study for more information.

Useful links to the funding opportunities:

If you have any further questions, please contact the International Office for advice.

For a lot of our partner universities there are no language requirements, but sufficient language skills are essential for studying abroad. Many universities offer lectrues and projects which are held in English, but most of the lectures are held in their native language. That's why it's important to have some basic knowledge of the native language, because not only will this help you in lectures, it will help you understand the culture of the local people. You can participate in language courses offered by the Jade University. You can also participate in language courses offered by the Language Centre of the University of Oldenburg which can be recognized as an elective.

Experience reports written by students from differen universities give you first impressions about stays abroud.

For more detailed questions and advice, you can contact our counselor for International Affairs Almut Wolff. She will help you create an individual study program in a Learning Agreement so that the recognition of your course credits are secured in advance.