Undergraduate studies in Insurance, Banking and Finance (IBF)

The importance of dual studies programs has greatly increased due to demographic changes. Students can increase their career opportunities by establishing early contacts to firms, and furthermore they become acquainted with business processes and procedures very early on in their studies. This ensures the business world of employing young people who are able to integrate themselves in their work environments very quickly and who offer firms a high degree of potential. Companies are then able to commit highly-qualified junior staff to their businesses which is a decisive instrument in securing human resource planning in face of a volatile demographic landscape. 

The studies program is geared for a four-year period in alternating phases of vocational training in firms and of academic phases of the Jade University´s campus in Wilhelmshaven´s carried out in Oldenburg as well as in Wilhelmshaven. High school graduates having achieved good results at school can combine sound vocational training with undergraduate studies. Students take part in testing to achieve the vocational qualification issued by the local chamber of industry and commerce as a certified bank clerk. 

Besides applying for admissions to the university, you must be in a traineeship at either a bank, insurance company or at some kind of financial institution in order to be accepted to this course of study. If you already have completed vocational training in any of these 3 areas, such as a bank managerial assistant or insurance clerk, you will need to provide proof of employment at one of the mentioned institutions. For further information on registration at the Jade University click here.  

Full details on career profiles, admissions, course studies, as well as on the module and possible majors can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link in the task bar on the left. You can also find out pertinent information in our studies flyer.

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