Squat Workshop 2009 - Programme

3rd Squat-Workshop

Nautical Aspects of Ship Dynamics

21./22. October 2009
University of Applied Sciences, Elsfleth



Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009
09:00Registration, Coffee
10:00Welcome and Introduction
10:20R. Wöstmann, Elsflether Zentrum für Maritime Foschung
Research and Innovation Projects for the Maritime Market - the Maritime Research Centre Elsfleth
10:50 – 12:50Session 1, Chair: R. Wandelt

K. Benedict, HS Wismar, ISSIMS Warnemünde
Application of Ship Dynamics for Manoeuvring Prediction to Assist Nautical Officers

Ch. Wand, FH-WOE
Navigation in Cross Currents - Practical Aspects and Evaluation of Training Scenarios   NEW !!!

B. Lampe, University of Rostock
Experimental Process Identification for Manoeuvering, Simulation and Prediction of Ship Motions

12:50 – 13:40Lunch
13:40 – 15:00Session 2, Chair: L. Chiotoroiu
Ship Design
G. Eljardt, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
Operation-Based Ship Design and Evaluation

U. Hollenbach, Hamburg Ship Model Basin
Hydrodynamic Optimisation of Ships in Service
15:00 – 15:20Afternoon Coffee Break
15:20 – 17:20Session 3a, Chair: A. Härting
Squat and Trim
C.B. Barrass, Southport, Merseyside
Trim and Squat

T. Berndt, FH-WOE
Long-Term Study of Squat and Trim on the River Weser

R. Reinking, FH-WOE
On the dynamic trim of container ships   NEW !!!
18:00 – 21:00Dinner Cruise
Thursday, Oct 22, 2009
09:00 – 11:00Session 3b, Chair: J. Reinking
Squat Modelling and Analysis
M. Vantorre, Ghent University
Squat in muddy navigation areas

A. Laupichler, FH-WOE
Comparison of CFD Results with Experimental Data

I. Jaquemotte, FH-WOE
Interactive Analysis of Squat Using Virtual Reality
11:00 – 11:20Morning Coffee Break
11:20 – 12:40Session 3c, Chair: M. Vantorre (t.b.c.)
Predictions of Squat for Use on the River Weser
M. Briggs, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Vicksburg
Comparisons of PIANC and Numerical Ship Squat Predictions for Bremerhaven Port

C. Hens, OMC International, Melbourne
Squat Measurements on Vessels Transiting the Lower and Outer Weser
12:40 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 15:30Session 4, Chair: Ch. Wand
Roll Motion in Confined and Open Waters
R. Lehmann, HTW Dresden
Geodetic Investigation of Ship Roll Estimation for Manoeuvring Control of Cruise Liner Conveyance

J. Dannenberg, Ocean Waves GmbH
The On-board Wave Motion Estimator OWME

B. Schwarz-Röhr, FH-WOE
Estimation of Wave Spectra from Ship Motion
15:30 - 15:45Closing Session, Chair: A. Härting
Wrap-up and Discussions