Communication and Information Technology

Communication and Information Technology is a key technology of our information society. It deals with the technical principles, the development and use of advanced computer and communication systems and media.

All kinds of information (voice, text, graphics, images, multimedia content) are produced, captured, and transported over networks to be processed in computers to store and play back in different forms.

The main components of modern information and telecommunications technology are highly integrated microelectronics components, microprocessors and software systems.

Communication technology deals with digital networks and their components, as well as with the data transmission via satellite and fiber. Not only  audio and video technology (analog and digital processing), navigation and radar technology are communication technology but also mobile systems and networks.

Multimedia technology deals with the basics of production, processing and transportation of multimedia information.

The information technology and technical computer science teach the basics of computer technology and the systematic design of programs and software systems for applications of information technology. They use a focus on modern architectures and technologies of computers to process data of all kinds.

Microelectronics is a part of modern information technology. Through the mass production of electronic components, such as microprocessors, storage chips and the application-specific logic circuits, the general implementation of complex electronic systems has become possible at very low cost levels.

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