Mechanical Engineering Master

The Mechanical Engineering Master is an application-oriented two-semester master's degree program.

There are two different theory semesters available, one of which is in the winter semester and one which is offered in the summer semester. Both theory semesters SHOULD be completed - one in the master program and one in an 8-semester Bachelor degree program.

The second semester of the master program is the writing of the thesis.

However, the two-semester Master's program is also open to any other Bachelor degrees technically appropriate:

  • 7-semester accounts with 210 CP and 8-semester accounts that do not match the above-mentioned branch 2, require a 3-semester master's degree with two semesters of theory.
  • 6-semester contracts with 180 CP also require a transition semester with modules from the Bachelor program of the Jade University.

All students without an appropriate Bachelor's degree will receive an individual curriculum branch 2 in joint consultation with the Dean of studies or the studies Commissioner for the transition, which is part of the master's program. The common goal is the proof of 300 CP, which is recognized as 90 CP for a master level.

Additional Information: