Master Degree Program Management Digital Media

The digitalized media world presents companies with new challenges. There is an increased need for graduates who are in command of economical as well as technical, content-conceptual, creative and methodological competencies. The master program Management of Digital Media provides the students with interface competencies, to enable them to take on a leadership role in the digital media world.
The study program is application oriented and addresses cross-media applications and concepts as well as journalism in digital change.

•    Degree: Master of Arts / M.A.
•    Campus location: Wilhelmshaven
•    Duration: 3 semesters
•    Admissions: each summer and winter semester

The management of digital media products demands a flexible working method. Thus, the combination of the different areas of knowledge is an important part of the Master Program.

The area “Theories and Methods” deepens theoretical and methodical insights and analyses from the area of Media Management as well as the area of Communication and Media Studies.

Interdisciplinary aspects are brought together in topic-related seminars in the area “Integration”. The development of digital media can only be grasped in a holistic, interdisciplinary manner, which is why, in addition to the economical, communication and social considerations, the technological development is also included.

In “Projects”, theoretical considerations are practically applied within the framework of the studies. Hereby, practical professional experiments are tested and reflected upon across disciplines and in teams, as well as research and evaluation methods applied.

Current problems of the digital media industry are more strongly emphasized in the area of “Specialization”. Content relevant to digital media from the fields of management, informatics, design, communication, and journalism, is addressed.

For admission, you must have a bachelor degree in Media Management and Journalism, Media Informatics or a closely related discipline. The examination board will make decisions regarding admissions and requirements in the case of a “closely related program”.
For all study programs with less than 210 CP, the examination board will decide on the requirements to be met in order to fill the CP.



All study programs in the Department MIT have been accredited by  ZEvA.