Career Opportunities Engineering and Management

Opportunities after Graduation

Are you interested in innovative products (technology) and how these can be better and more attractively presented in the competitive market  (marketing)? Is it appealing to you to organize the perfect delivery process (product management, logistics), to implement quality criteria and environmental sustainability (quality management) or to be responsible for the optimum control and verification of economic processes (controlling)?

The study program Engineering and Management offers you the chance to bring all of these interests together in attaining a unique spectrum of knowledge, which will prepare you for the most diversified job profiles.

Because of the broad education, the areas where graduates of Engineering and Management can work is very multifaceted. A study conducted on a regular basis by the Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure (Organization of German Industrial and Management Engineers) highlights the following fields of activity:

  • logistics/material logistics/purchasing
  • marketing and distribution
  • accounting/controlling
  • manufacturing/production
  • research/development
  • management

As the analysis of different branches of industry shows, activities in industrial areas still dominate, although the service sector and commerce are becoming more important. Graduates of Engineering and Management may expect to start their careers in the following fields in particular:

  • industrial firms in all sectors
  • management consulting
  • service enterprises
  • public administration

It may be seen once again, that such a widely diversified study program as is offered by Engineering and Management with its combination of business and technology, does an excellent job of meeting the changing requirements on the national and international job market.

The career start is usually made in positions as administrator, specialist of a certain area, or assistant. Later the graduates have a good chance of moving up to a leadership position or even executive management.