Bachelor Program Engineering and Management

Study Program for Women

Success between Production, Logistics and Marketing

Developing, producing and bringing a product onto the market – manufacturers need capable specialists to accomplish these tasks. Our graduates are “all-rounders”. As specialists and managers, they offer modern, interdisciplinary qualifications and are thus optimally prepared for the international job market as well as for team work. Their knowledge encompasses business studies as well as technology. Considering this, it is not surprising that they are much sought-after as young executives with multi-disciplinary qualifications in industry as well as in service enterprises.

Bachelor Program Engineering and Management for Women 

See for yourself: women and technology – they’re a perfect match!

The study program for women gives you the time and space you need to discover what you’re made of. “Amongst themselves” many women feel more comfortable asking questions and giving answers. We’re enthusiastic about your interest and your input. All you need is curiosity and dedication. The specialized knowledge and principles will be taught to you by us. With these competencies and the self-confidence won through them, you will doubtlessly be able to assert yourselves in a “mixed” study program as well as in your professional career.  

Graduates have the possibility to continue their studies with the three-semester Master’s program in Engineering and Management.

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