Development of Innovative Technologies for Autonomous Marine Systems (EITAMS)

Project leaderProf. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Windeck
Subproject leaderProf. Dr. Thomas Brinkhoff
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Korte
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Thomas Luhmann
Prof. Dr. Lars Nolle
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Wallhoff
Funding1.679.754 €
Funded byEuropean Regional Development Fund, German federal state of Lower Saxony
Duration01/2017 – 12/2020

The increasing use of marine resources by the German industry has enhanced the demand for reliable tools to cope with problems in an environment hostile towards technology and human life. In an equally highly sensitive and protected biotope as the mud-flats in the German Bight efficient technologies and safe methods are required to understand the conditions of the environment and technology. This can only be achieved by using autonomous remote-controlled water vehicles and robots. Especially in the field of offshore wind energy which is characterised by appreciably lower yields when compared with marine mining, opportunities are being offered for research and the industry in Lower Saxony by developing innovative technology, thus meeting demands specific to the region. Right here the EITAMS project starts using a highly interdisciplinary approach.

Simplified scenario for an underwater venture
Figure 1: Simplified scenario for an underwater venture

The fundamental aim of the EITAMS project is the development of specialised underwater technologies for the realisation of autonomous ventures as shown in figure 1. This objective is to be achieved especially by the integration of hybrid Remotely-Operated-Vehicle (ROV) / Autonomous-Underwater-Vehicle (AUV) using autonomous Unmanned-Surface-Vehicles (USVs). In the course of the project the essential components and functions of autonomous systems are to be developed and accomplished. Moreover applications to non-marine technology in the field of underwater research are to be established and initially evaluated with a connected ROV-USV-System and finally with the AUV itself. This approach guarantees the technological progress achieved by the project and at the same time enables the development of an innovative and unique selling point in this area. In doing so, use will be made of successful research undertaken by the participating departments of Jade University thus reducing the development risk to the project.

Starting out from the experience of published pilot projects the research project will focus on the following specific priorities of autonomous marine systems:

  • improvement of underwater navigation
  • user-friendly planning methods
  • extremely precise goal approach for a vehicle
  • modular system architecture and adaptable steering / control
  • reduction of the risk of losses

The project is divided into five parts which are dealt with by the departments of Maritime and Logistics Studies in Elsfleth, of Engineering in Wilhelmshaven and Civil Engineering Geoinformation Technology and Health Sciences in Oldenburg. To sustainably promote young scientists doctoral candidates working for the doctoral programs “Safe Automated Marine Systems” (SAMS) and Jade2Pro will be integrated into the project. As the participating departments have numerous close links to the regional industry the results of the project can make research at the Jade University the driving force behind regional development.