Quality Management

The study courses

  • Nautical Science and Maritime Transport (B.Sc.)
  • Ship- und Port Operations (B.Sc.)
  • International Maritime Management (M.Sc.)

have been found to conform to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015!

Extract from the QM handbook (Quality Management Policy)

In our degree courses in nautical science for ships’ officers we adhere to all relevant national and international regulations, in particular the minimum requirements laid down in the international convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW). We will ensure that teaching staff will be informed of all changes in the training regulations and will implement them in their teaching.

The course teaching is practically related. The students have access to appropriate teaching materials which will allow them to develop the skills necessary in their future work field.

Close contacts with the shipping industry and administration are maintained, so that the teaching content meets the requirements of potential employers.

Reflecting the international character of shipping, the maritime faculty maintains close links with partner universities abroad, thus encouraging the mobility of students and staff.

In addition to the professional skills necessary for commanding a ship, the course also imparts the vital skills of problem-solving competence, quick-thinking, and the ability to work well and communicate in a team.

To ensure that teaching content continues to be up-to-date and practically-related, the maritime faculty participates in applied research projects.

Teaching and further training of staff is subject to a continuous process of improvement within the framework of the Quality Management System.