The Concept of IMM

International Maritime Management … 

Flexibility of the programme

… lets you choose how many learning modules you want to study each semester. You are also welcome to interrupt your studies should professional and/or private duties prevail. Most students study five semesters in part time to complete their IMM studies.

… is mainly based on distance learning which means most modules are completed by handing in home assignments. The course also includes 1-3 on-campus phases which take place in Elsfleth, Germany. When you start your studies, these attendance phases serve for familiarisation and networking purposes. Later, you will complete three learning modules on campus: one written examination, a business simulation and a presentation including a conference-type discussion. Attendance phases are offered twice each year.

… follows a learner-centred approach which means that you acquire theoretical knowledge by means of course books. These didactically prepared texts enable you to combine existing professional knowledge with new academic knowledge. For this purpose, real-life projects and cases arising from your own professional contexts are processed and solved – theoretical and practical issues go ‘hand-in-hand’. During the learning process you will apply new methods and exchange ideas with your peers by means of student forums. Guidance/support is provided by us – your lecturers

Student Voices

“I really enjoyed the IMM course. I completed studies relevant to my career at my own pace. This was very important as a ship master of a Ro-Pax ferry on a busy short sea route arriving and leaving port eight times daily. The M.Sc. was a significant factor in my early promotion to Senior Master. Highly recommended to any who wish to further their career prospects in a short period.”

Paul, Captain of a Ro-Pax ferry, Ireland

“IMM is an excellent opportunity to compile my experiences as a seaman with the will to transform ideas into research. The flexibility of being able to study, research and work, has been one of the strengths of this Master Course. The university has given the tools for seafarers to develop their creativity. The Jade Elsfleth team had an excellent initiative. It's a pleasure to be part of Jade’s team.”

Arthur, 2nd Mate, Dynamic Positioning Operator, Brazil