Information about the assembly Kit


  • To the assembly kit belong all the parts that are listed on the attached assembly kit list
  • Parts that brake during the construction of the robot may be replaced by identical ones after consulting the organizing team.
  • Parts of the kit may only be used for constructive purposes. The only exception, see next article.
  • Packaging materials are not part of the assembly kit!


Acquired additional components

  • It is permitted to purchase and to assemble new components for total 6,67600$ (5 Euro) in addition to the existing kit
  • The purchased parts may only be used for electronic, structural or decorative purposes.
  • The receipts must be kept and handed in with the vehicle when handing it over to the jury.

Electronics Set

  • The electronic components of the sets may be used only in the sense of their actual purpose of use (electronic circuits). They may not be disassembled and used for constructive purposes.


  • The servos and the servo accessories may not be used for constructive purposes. Sie dürfen nur für servotypische Aufgaben, wie der Positionierung verwendet werden.


  • Adhesive may be used for connecting parts of the kit, as well as for decorative purposes.
  • It is not allowed to realize load-bearing structures or static elements with adhesive.
  • Furthermore, it is not allowed to use a tape except those which containing to the kit.

Pimp My Robot

  • It may all be used to beautify the vehicle, as long as this does not affect the static or the function of the vehicle.

Vehicle dimensions

  • The robot must not be higher then 250mm. Width and length should be selected sensibly in order to drive through the course without major problems and to complete the tasks within the meaning of the rules of the game. The organizing team recommends a vehicle width of 250mm and a maximum vehicle length of 250-300mm.

Remote control

  • Only the remote controls may be used for control the vehicle on competition day. The vehicle may be controlled only by one of team member in each round.