Body of Rules



The body of rules and regulations is the principle in its current version for the Design Challenge 2013 at Jade University Wilhelmshaven.

Changes may be possible till the event.

Return and presentation of the vehicles

(Date will be announced)

All teams present their vehicles in front of the jury during a five minute English-language presentation.
Finally the price for the "best construction" and"best design" will be awarded. The vehicles remain after the event 26.11.2013 in the jade university.

Authorized persons

only the registered and authorized team members are entitled for the construction of the vehicle and cope the tasks.

The control and repairs on competition day may also be performed only by this persons.
The persons those are specified as a caregiver may be only for the consulting services. this means, during rounds they are not allowed to control the robot or help in other ways while doing the tasks.

Unsporting behavior

Teams that do not follow these rules or emerge through other unsportsmanlike behavior will without exception disqualified by the jury.

This includes not covered by these rules cases that grossly contradict the meaning of the task.

The instructions to the jury or the organization team have to be followed.

Opposing vehicles

The Deliberate destruction of the opponent vehicles is not allowed. It is important to ensure that the vehicles of the competitors store will not be damaged by your own vehicle.

Start of the game

Once the timer is running, touching the vehicle is basically no more allowed.

If the robot get stuck on the field, it is permitted, with consent of the referee, the robot manually reset at the beginning of the previous section.

If a defect that can be repaired within 10-15 seconds, this may be corrected after the referee's permission.

Conversion time

There will be a predetermined time between rounds (group stage, quarterfinals, etc.) and a waiting time between runs, one each round. Each team will be granted to wait his robot at this time.

If a team despite timely notice of sides of the arbitral tribunal, have not brought his robot to start within the specified claims waiting period, this results in a disqualification.
Each team must be able to create the readiness of the vehicle in that time.


It is restricted possible to maintain or repair the vehicle between rounds for the teams during the Design Challeng. for this purpose limited tools and measuring devices be provided and it must be automatically arranged with other teams when needed. It is allowed to bring your own tools and measuring devices with you but it is no claim that they can be used, cause the lack of space. The provided tools have to be handled with care.

Pit lane

A pit lane will be provided for maintenance and repair work. This is located in an inaccessible for the audience space.

For each team is a table prepared, to which it can store his personal belongings and can work on his robot.

There is a clock and a livestream.

A member of the organizing team will be available all the time for inquiries.

The call to the next round will also manifest there.We also ask that you schedule the way into the Audiomax. (see conversion time )

The pit lane is located in the Main Building H 214.

Safety note

For security reasons it is not permitted during the competition to wear necklaces (chains) and rings. Furthermore, you may not wear open long hair.