+++ Cancelled! +++

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections and the associated orders of the state government, the Summer Schools in 2020 must unfortunately be cancelled!

Engineering Summer Schools

Summer schools offer an international experience in Germany. German students can get international contact to foreign students. All programs are taught in English during July, August and September. You can receive credits for all courses.

The Department of Engineering Sciences is planning several summer schools for 2021:

Summer 2021 American-German Summer Program

Open for students from "Texas Tech University Lubbock, USA" "Edward Whitacre College of Engineering" and students from "Jade Hochschule" "Department of Engineering Sciences" and "Department of Management, Information, Technology".

August 23rd - September 10th 2021 Biomedical Engineering Summer School

Open for students from "all over the world".

August 23rd - September 10th 2021 International Summer School on Fluidic MEMS

Open for students from "all over the world".