Biomedical Engineering Summer School

25th August to 14th September 2019 at Jade University

Organised by Jade University - Department of Engineering Sciences and International Office


The Department of Engineering Sciences and the International Office of Jade University offer a three-week summer school in Biomedical Engineering.  The summer school covers two course lanes focusing on “Basics of Biomedical Engineering” and ”Biomedical Signal and Image Acquisition, Processing and Analysis”.

Our ageing human society puts severe constraints on health care systems with regard to the demands of costs, quality, and personnel. There is a growing need for innovative medical technology solutions. Implementation of the latest technology will have a significant impact on future medical care, diagnosis, and the alleviation of diseases. Technical innovation can also provide solutions such as telemetry, distant-virtual consulting and checking, the automation of processes, and robot technology. Intelligent implants that use new design methods, materials, and software can keep patients mobile and fit as long as possible. Early recognition using accurate diagnostic equipment that employs imaging techniques, lab-on-chip analysis, and advanced sensors can reduce treatment costs and improve recovery rates. As one of the consequences, medical care could be provided at home, instead of in a hospital, thus for instance reducing costs.

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to the multidisciplinary field of Biomedical Engineering by examining the basics of the development of medical devices in general. Focusing on applications for medical technologies, biosensors and their electronic systems, biosignal and image processing and the simulation of biomechanics, the contents are developed in lectures, lab work and field trips. The multicultural focus of the course is intensified by the presence of an international lecturing staff drawn from several centers of excellence in the field of biomedical engineering. Another key learning outcome of this course is provided by the interaction of international students in group-based projects and organized social events.

The summer course covers the above named two course lanes. One of them is addressed to undergraduate students, while the other requires a Bachelor’s degree and is part of Master studies of Jade University and the partner institutions. It is strongly recommended that students do not change the lane.

The course language is English. The presence of teachers as well as students from foreign countries requires the use of a shared language as the basis of everyday communication and interaction, and gives better motivation than a language course at a home university ever could. 

This annual summer course is a regular part of the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering and Master of Electrical Engineering programs at Jade University, and is accepted by our partner universities.

Biomedical Engineering Summer School Wilhelmshaven 2018
DateLane A
Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering
(Undergraduate students)
Lane B
Biomedical Signal and Image Acquisition, Processing and Analysis
(Graduate students)
27.08.MonWelcome - Workshop "German Language and Culture" - Introduction to courses (afternoon session)
TueIntroduction to Project Management
Amperometric Biosensors and Related Electronics
(Çökeliler / Koçum)
SatExcursions:    Sat: Mudflat Hiking (Baltrum), Sun: Meyer Shipyard (Papenburg)
MonBiomechanical Modelling of Implanted Bone Systems
(Rusu / Stoia)
Instrumentation, Acquisition and Signal Processing for Biosignals
(Chávez-Campos / Yüksekkaya)
Excursion to Hamburg:    Fri: Löwenstein Medical, Sat: Airbus, Miniaturwonderland, Sun: Free time till noon

MonArtificial Intelligence and Biomedical Engineering
(Chiaradia Masselli)
Medical Image Processing using Matlab
(Chávez-Campos / Kertész)
14.09.FriPresentations of project results (all courses together) - Student evaluation
Final Award Presentation

Normal timetable

9:00 amStart morning session
12:00 noonLunch
1:00 pmStart afternoon session
4:00 pmEnd


Thank you for your interest in our Biomedical Summer School! The application period for the next summer school starts in April 2019.

Participating Partners

Baskent University

Biomedical Engineering Department
Ankara, Turkey

Ass.Prof. Dilek Çökeliler
Dilek Çökeliler
Ass.Prof. I. Cengiz Koçum
Cengiz Koçum
Mehmet Yüksekkaya, M.Sc.
Mehmet Yüksekkaya

Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações - Inatel

Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil

Prof. Dr. Yvo Marcelo Chiaradia Masselli
Yvo Marcelo Chiaradia Masselli
[Translate to English:] Prof. Gerardo Marx Chávez-Campos
Gerardo Marx Chávez-Campos

Óbuda University

Budapest, Hungary

Gábor Kertész
Gábor Kertész

Szent István University

Gödöllö, Hungary

Dr. Miklós Daróczi, Associate Professor
Miklós Daróczi

Universitatea "Politehnica" din Timisoara

Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Timisoara, Romania

Dr. Lucian Rusu
Lucian Rusu
Dr. Dan Ioan Stoia
Dan Ioan Stoia

Jade University

Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Kai-Christian Struß
Kai-Christian Struß
Dipl.-Ing. Mattias Bost
Mattias Bost