Information on coronavirus measures by Jade University of Applied Sciences

Until the 3rd of May mostly digital teaching

At today's major official meeting between the Universities of Lower Saxony and the Ministry of Science and Culture, based on the decisions of the federal government and the state of Lower Saxony, it was decided, that the period before the gradual resumption of on-campus lectures and teaching starts, has been extended up to Sunday, 3rd of May 2020. It was originally limited until April the 19th, 2020.

In the next two weeks, the courses are to be continued in largely digital form, as has been the case since March the 19th.

Buildings are locked until April 19th

After an intensive review between the universities of Lower Saxony and the Ministry of Science, it became clear that further measures to contain the Corona virus in the state of Lower Saxony are necessary. In order to reduce direct contacts even further, all of our Jade University buildings will be closed from today 4 p.m. until April 19, 2020.

Access to the university's buildings is only granted for people who are responsible for the functioning of the university, for example from a security perspective. All others need an activation to enter the building.

The members of the Presidium and the deans can activate the access for other people if it is absolutely neccessary. In this case please contact the responsible praesidia  or the dean of your department. This rule can only apply to students in exceptional cases.

Suspension of lectures

Action necessary to combat the spread of Covid-19

Wilhelmshaven. Oldenburg. Elsfleth. Jade University of Applied Sciences has suspended on-campus lectures and teaching with immediate effect. Online teaching is not affected. This action is initially time-limited until 19 April. Jade University of Applied Sciences will also constantly keep you informed about its other events and the current developments by email, on our website and via social media.

Letter to students

To all students of Jade University of Applied Sciences

Dear students of Jade University of Applied Sciences,

Lectures and classes in the 2020 summer semester have already been under way for around two weeks. We have informed you about the teaching situation at the university due to coronavirus; in particular, you will not suffer any disadvantage if you are completely or partly unable to attend any commitments (especially internships, practical exercises etc.) due to coronavirus.

Today, the Ministry for Science and Culture recommended or requested that further measures be taken to impede the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, the University Administration has decided to suspend on-campus teaching with immediate effect until - according to current plans - 20 April 2020.

Today I asked our teaching staff to alter their lectures and classes in form and content in response to the new situation with the objective of ensuring the module exams can take place in the upcoming examination period. The teaching staff may alter examination forms and contents to cope with this exceptional situation without the defined qualification targets being put into question. The responsible university deans have been informed and the examination schedule will be planned accordingly. Our objective remains ensuring you can complete this summer semester's modules. Please stay informed by checking the usual media channels (e.g. Moodle, InfoSys, website) and use opportunities for independent study. Please also regularly check your emails for further information. I am aware that this situation demands a great deal from us all, and I would like to thank you already for your support. We will immediately inform you about new developments.

Best regards

We will provide detailed information about our library, computing centre and International Office as soon as possible.

What students should do regarding coronavirus


Dear students,

Please take careful note of the advice given in previous emails about how to behave with respect to the corona virus.  As well as the emergency procedure plan you will also find general information.

The Jade University requires your assistance in this matter: If you know of students who are currently in one of the high-risk areas (e.g. on holiday) and unable to read their university mails, we kindly ask you to contact and inform them via social media (e.g. WhatsApp). We would also ask you to inform any other fellow students who may be absent from the university that it is essential that they follow the advice about how to behave with respect to the corona virus when they return to campus.

Instructions for the start of the 2020 summer semester

Students returning from affected areas (so-called high-risk areas) are instructed not to enter the university campus for a period of 14 days after arrival. This also applies if you have had any contact with persons who have returned from such areas.

Any such students who develop symptoms of an infection within the 14-day period must call a doctor.

Important information for examination candidates

No disadvantages will arise for students who, by reason of following the above advice and instructions, are unable to sit exams for which they have registered. In such cases, please contact the appropriate dean of studies by email.

Similarly, no disadvantages will be incurred by affected students who, for the above reasons, cannot complete internships or take part in practical exercises or projects.  


We thank you for your cooperation in these purely precautionary measures.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hero Weber
Vice President for Study and Teaching
Tel.: (0441) 7708-3337

The University administration
Jade University of Applied Sciences