Handbooks of the LUIS

The "Leibniz University IT services" (LUIS) of the University Hannover has been offering handbooks in the IT area for years. They are especially outstanding for their competent content and low price.
Our university has been part of this cooperation for several years. You can find more information about the handbooks at:


If you have requests regarding the handbooks, please send them directly to us, since the LUIS only correspons with the universities' ACC due to its nationwide distribution.

Please note the following when placing the order:

  • The handbooks can only be passed on to other members of the universiy and can only be used for their own usage. A transfer to a third party (such as firms to schools) is prohibited. In this case, the University must sign the delievery.
  • The handbooks can only be purchased in the form of box loads, therefore a single order is not possible. If this is the case, please consider ordering the handbooks with others.

  • Orders can only be placed by the professors or the AStA (The General Student's Committee) in the Academic Computing Center. If the required, please contact Ms. Kranz per telephone or email.

The handbooks are a result of the voluntary cooperation of the universities from all over Germany. To guarantee the continuous benefit that our university gains from this cooperation and to prevent being banned from the usage of the handbooks, we ask all members of the university to help with tasks such as editing, surveys etc..
Please get into contact with us if you feel like you can contribute something to the manuals.