Project HISinOne

HISinOne is an integrated, web-based software system, which has been developed according to the newest standards for the university management. Every process that involves applicants for an university place, students, course planning exams and degrees are being digitized and connected, which means that all data will be recorded and saved centrally. From this point on, they are available for usage at different locations and can also be used as a data basis.

After its introduction has been completed the HISinOne campus management system will cover all stations of the studentscareer. It combines extensive functions needed in the university's everyday life, such as the administraton of the students and tests, the curriculum and the event planning, with individual requirements of the users.

Along with the introduction of the campus management system HISinOne, the Jade University offers optimal conditions for a successful education, while it simultaenously increases the appeal of the university as a place for studying and working.



Ulrich Hauptmann
Project manager

Jutta Galts
Gabriele Macke
Project office