General information


On the 8th of February 2012, the Jade University decided to introduce HISinOne, which replaced the old software generation of the campus management.

The HISinOne Project started on the 1st of June 2013 at the Jade University. The new HISinOne will gradually replace the old software modules as an integrated, web based system by the end of the first quarter of 2019. With the help of HISinOne, the existing "mix of technologies" will convert into a homogeneous technology. The inconsistent surface will be consistent, the historically built structures and processes and the therefore induced data redundancy will be replaced by the process-oriented procedures and a centralized data repository. In place of the old decentralized system's "administration point of view", HISinOne provides an integrated, customer-oriented IT solutions for every user (prospective students, students, teachers, university staff and external partners) that will help them during the managing of typical tasks. With the help of consistent concepts for rights and roles and the centralized storage of data, HISinOne provides every user with access to individually customized data and services - at all times and locations. Furthermore, the introduction of HISinOne prepared the participation of the Jade University in DoSV.


The HISinOne Campus-Management depicts every station of the student lifecycle and accompanies the process, which starts with the application and continues into the studies and the successful graduation.

HISinOne accompanies students by organizing their studies:

  • Assistants help with the registration. By using the integrated online application, students can enroll at all times and locations. Following this, the students can also track the progress of the approval procedure.
  • During the student's day-to-day life, the individualized portal becomes the centralized entry point: the schedule, exam registration, maintenance of contact data and the printing of notices can all be taken care of online.

The staff of the Jade University will be supported with the help of well thought out surfaces, e.g. during the conception of new degree programs. Furthermore, the creation and maintenance of examination regulations, modules, course catalogues and everyday tasks (such as the input of examination results or the managing of classes) wll be easier. The new exam management fully conforms to the requirements of the Bologna process and is geared towards unitized degree programs.