Workgroup 10: Innovative Small an Medium Sized Enterprises in Sustainable Tourism

SMEs are gaining a lot from globalization process. Removal of trade barriers is the most significant opportunity for them. The opening up of new frontiers provides firms with global market opportunities, hence allowing them to endure and grow up.

Although SMEs are still slightly present in global markets compared to larger companies, recent trends have proved their increasing involvement in the international trade. Notwithstanding of the persistent growth of the multinational companies, small businesses continue to succeed across the globe and become an essential element of all growing economic systems.

This course is about the essentials of managing a growing small business. By ‘growth” it is meant a business that reveals a tendency to permanently augment its operations volume, because it satisfies a number of important growth criteria.

This course will be focused on fundamental insights of how growing SMEs should be managed. Special attention will be paid to issues of acquiring management skills and understanding of specificities of small and medium size enterprises. In general, the course is to be based on understanding of classical and theoretical specifications and rules in field of Small and Medium Size Enterprises Management.


After completion of the course, student will be able to:


  •          Demonstrate advanced knowledge related to small and medium size tourism enterprises’ management and critical understanding of this knowledge
  •          Take decisions on choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for the tourism small enterprise, analyze various competition strategies,  work out the business plan developing new knowledge using theoretical fundamentals, specialized problem solving skills as well as integrating knowledge from various spheres
  •          Ensure management of small and medium sized tourism enterprises in the conditions of uncertainty, make a theoretical contribution to increase professional knowledge and practical contribution into the improvement of the process of management using new strategic approaches
  •          Build the organizational model of the enterprise as a specific object of social relationships, structure and put up management information flow in an efficient way, create well-organized systems and management structures within the SMEs.
  •          Apply theoretical knowledge in practice, specifically the theory of organizing SMEs.


In addition, students will learn how to:

  • Ensure continuing excellent services to customers
  • demonstrate  their ability to manage internal operations effectively and efficiently
  •          ensure that businesses has a track record of sustained profitability




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