Funding and Financing

Being a student usually means living on a small budget. Although the cost of living in Wilhelmshaven, Elsfleth and Oldenburg is relatively low, in comparison with Germany in general, you will need approximately € 500 per month for living costs.

You might also be able to finance your stay abroad with one of the many  financial support  and scholarship programmes available. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a complete and up-to-date overview of all available scholarships, as there is a large variety of programmes, and changes to them are often made. Therefore, you should allow for enough time to find a scholarship that best fits your needs and for which you fulfil the requirements. We recommend you contact the International Office or your lecturers for support in finding the right option for you.

Further information can be found on the following websites:

International full-time students at the Jade University of Applied Sciences have the option of applying for funding towards the end of their studies. This is possible max. 6 months before completion, and only before registering for their dissertation.

Grant for the Completion of Studies

The aim of the Grant for the Completion of Studies is to allow students to prepare for their final exams and write their dissertations without having to worry about finances. The grant is awarded by a university committee based on the student's needs and the grades achieved until then. The completed application form* needs to be handed in at the International Office together with the following documents:

  • Written statement on why financial support is needed, how costs were covered in the past, and plans for after the studies are completed.
  • CV and photo
  • Up-to-date transcript of records
  • Recommendation letter written by a lecturer at the Jade UAS
  • Proof that you have registered for your final dissertation

The letter of recommendation and proof that you have registered for the final dissertation can be handed in later, as soon as they are available. Once you have finished your dissertation, you are required to hand in a copy of your certificate at the International Office. Please contact the responsible persons at the International Office for more information: Ilze Peksa  (Wilhelmshaven) or Anneke Freudenthal (Oldenburg/Elsfleth).

* Please download the application form first and fill it out on your computer.