Students from countries in the European Union do not need a visa in order to study in Germany. This is also the case for some other countries. You can find up-to-date information on visa requirements for the Federal Republic of Germany on the Federal Foreign Office’s website.

Students and interns, who need a visa, are required to apply for it at the German Mission (embassy or consulate) in their local country. A tourist visa or visitor’s visa is not sufficient! It is furthermore not possible to change the type of visa once you have entered the Federal Republic of Germany.

What you need for your visa application:

  • a valid passport that doesn’t expire before the end of your stay
  • a letter of confirmation for your internship placement (intern contract), a letter of acceptance from the university or confirmation that you have applied to study here
  • financial proof of at least € 500 per month for the duration of your stay
  • proof of sufficient insurance for Germany (when applying for a visa for the Schengen member states)
  • If you are planning to re-enter Germany multiple times, e.g. after going home for Christmas, we recommend you apply for a “Multiple Entry Visa”.
    For you to be able to go on short trips, the visa should, if possible, apply for the Schengen member state, too (Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, and Spain).

Please contact the German Embassy in your country for information on which documents you need.