Degree Seeking Students

You finished your secondary school or your Bachelor's degree abroad and would like to study at Jade University? Then your university entrance qualification must first be checked by uni-assist, a service facility that checks certificates acquired abroad on behalf of German universities. Please apply directly via the uni-assist portal.

If you would like to find out in advance whether you have direct access to higher education in Germany or whether you first have to attend a Studienkolleg as an additional qualification, the anabin database provides helpful information.

For any questions about the application process for full-time studies, please contact Nele Hellmold (Wilhelmshaven) or Julia Blandfort (Oldenburg/Elsfleth).

German language skills

Only a few degree programmes include some modules in English. Depending on the Department and study programme, a different language level in German (and partly English) is required. Which certificates are recognised as proof also varies between the different study programmes and can be found in the admission regulations of the respective Bachelor or Master programme.

Pre-Study internship

For some study programmes you need to complete a pre-study internship. Different requirements and regulations apply for different study programmes.

Numerus Clausus ("NC")

Some study programmes are restricted in admission ("Numerus Clausus" / "NC"). This means: If there are more applicants than places, a selection procedure decides whether you will get admission to the desired programme.

The grade of the higher education entrance certificate is the key for your application then. In some programmes a bonus system for applicants who have a study related vocational training may apply.

You will find an overview of the last NC values on the website of the Enrolment Office. In this table you can see whether your desired study programme is restricted in admission or not.

If you are interested in a degree programme with limited admission, do not be deterred and apply regardless of your grade average!

Application deadlines

Depending on the study programme, you can apply for the summer semester or the winter semester. The  application deadline depends on when a degree programme is offered and whether it is a restricted ("NC") or not.

The application deadline of studies can be found in the information for applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification from the enrolment office.

Application via uni-assist

First you have to register at uni-assist. After that you can log in and fill-in the application form. Your application must be printed, signed, uploaded to the portal by scan and sent by regular mail. Copies of your references and certificates must be notarized and translated into German or English. Only then your application is complete. Please note that uni-assist charges a handling fee for assessing your application.

After your application

Uni-Assist will confirm receiving your application and whether it is complete or whether documents are still missing. Uni-Assist will check your documents after your payment and inform you of the result.

If you meet the requirements, your application will be forwarded to the entolment office of Jade UAS. Now you are in the direct application process of the Jade University. Your documents will be evaluated again. If your desired study programme is restricted in admission ("NC"), the success of your application depends on your final grade and the total numer of applicants and their final grade. At the end of the evaluation you will get a letter of admission or a denial.