David from Cameroon


Name: David Sharak Ngouah-Ngally Longo
Age: 21
Home country: Cameroon
Study course: Engineering and Management
Semester: 1st Semester
Duraton of stay: 7 Semester
Language skills: French, German, Englisch, African

„Wilhelmshaven is my new home.“

Every morning at 5 o’clock, David gets dressed to go for a jog to wake up and clear his head. Jogging has always been David’s favourite hobby at home in Cameroon. “This year I took part in three marathons at the Gorch-Fock-Marathon in Wilhelmshaven.” David ran the 21 kilometres marathon in one hour and 15 minutes. At the end, he came 13th out of more than 600 participants. David ran marathons even in Berlin, Cologne and Bremen.

„For jogging, Wilhelmshaven is perfect!“

The biggest difference to jogging in Cameroon? “The weather!”, laughed David. “But the colder temperatures are perfect for jogging!”. Otherwise the life in Wilhelmshaven differs to the life in Cameroon. David comes from Douala, the former capital city of Cameroon. He lived there with his parents, three younger brothers and sisters and two million other inhabitants. He went to a private school and at 16 years old he completed his A-level. After school he went to the University of Douala and studied law. All in all there are only six Universities in Cameroon, even if the country is one-third larger than Germany. “Sometimes there were 2,000 students in one lecture hall. We had to be there three hours early to get a seat.”, says David. “And there were no tables. But this is not the situation in Germany. The Jade University is very well equipped.”

A huge choice of studys

There are many reasons why David came to Germany. To begin with, study conditions in Germany are better than Cameroon. David also faced a growing disinterest in law in Cameroon. This why his parents suggested he studies abroad in Germany.

First he lived in Cologne for six months at his uncle’s to learn German. When he passed the language test, David chose Medical Engineering at the Jade University in Wilhelmshaven. David lived in a hostel for the first two terms, until 2011, when he moved to a little flat near to the University. David missed the business part in Medical Engineering, so he changed his field of study. David is now studying Business Engineering in the first term.
All in all, David loves the life in Wilhelmshaven. “I really like the relatively small University, the helpful students, the workable numbers of course participants and the good contact with the tutors who really like to answer questions even after the lecture!”, said David. “My grades even got better!”

Big plans for the future

Sometimes David gets homesick, he misses his family and friends in Cameroon and even African food. But he really feels comfortable in Wilhelmshaven. He wants to finish his studies and then go back to Cameroon, to help improve the situation. “But I can imagine staying to work in Germany!”
David’s plans for the next year? To meet a lot of new friends and continue to succeed at the University – and to come first at the Gorch-Fock-Marathon.