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Conference on Sustainable tourism management - theory and practice in Telavi, Georgia

16. May 2014

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May 16 we had the conference - "Sustainable Tourism Management -Theory and Practice" within the Project SUTOMA at TESAU. There were representatives from Tourism business organisations (hotel, restaurant, protected area, museums, etc.), tourism department- from the local government, lecturers, students and representatives of university administration. The guests showed great interest in the project activities and asked to notify them about future events and steps of the project and organize such kind of monthly meetings between university and business sector. There were some suggestions, for example, to introduce the concept of sustainable tourism in schools.

Our team - I, Tamar Mikeladze, Manana Garibashvili, Neli Tskitishvili, Nana Rinkiashvili, Tamar Tamarashvili, Tamar Shiukashvili, Tsisia Amonashvili, Tamar Aslanishvili made presentations on the following topics:

  • SUTOMA project- past, present achievements (teaching materials), future perspectives
  • Teaching materials - structure and advantages
  • The concept of sustainable Tourism Development
  • Practical placement - guidelines
  • Importance of inclusion of Tourism English in Tourism programs


The news presenter - The project SUTOMA continues in TESAU. Within the project a conference was held at the university to summarize what has been done so far. SUTOMA includes 30 partner organizations - universities, business organizations, NGOs, etc. from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Latvia, Ireland. SUTOMA aims at developing new modules for international BA and MA programs in Sustainable Tourism Management. The project participants made presentations on the progress of the project.

Tamar Mikeladze,  Local Project Coordinator - The aim of the conference is to introduce the public what activities have been done within the project so far. We will talk about the content of new modules, new teaching materials already produced in English.

Zaza Lamazidze, CEO of Tusheti Protected Landscape - Tourism is a young business sphere in the country. Nowadays necessary skills need to be taught and methods of  tourism organization are hardly available. This kind of meetings contribute to development of this sector, involvement of young people in Tourism, improvement of dialogues between government, donor organizations and business organizations.

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