Workgroups / Modules

Each Workgroup  A Module – Each Module A Workgroup

There are 12 workgroups available according to the 12 modules to be developed. Each workgroup is organized by a workgroup leaders, the members of a workgroup are ideally from universities, enterprises and NGOs from all partner countries to cover the different experience and backgrounds within the different institutions. During the different phases of work the members provide documents about literature, supporting acticles and module descriptions to be discussed and evaluated among the members. The results of  ongoing process will be documented and published on this website as well.

Teachers' Book - a Guideline

Additional to that a " Teachers' Book" was developed aiming at general preconditions and abilities to use the modules and teach the contents. The idea is that sustainability is not only meant for new topics but also for new teaching methods as they are state- of- the- art at many of European universities.

The Teachers's Book is supposed to be a guideline and to provide an overview about

  • the structure of the modules,
  • proposals for lecturing hours and assessment,
  • standards of scientific work,
  • the structure of master courses,
  • basics of didactics and methodology as well as
  • practical examples of evaluation and case studies.
  • practical examples of evaluation and case studies.

This book will be available in English and translated into the three languages of our Caucasian partners.