Online account for students

This page allows you to access your login details on the university computer system (IT-system) before you have actually appeared at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in person. Your data is provided to you in the form of a PDF file, so this service is currently only available on PC systems, iPhone, iPad and
Apple Mac with a PDF reader installed.

For security reasons, you can only carry out this procedure once!

With the account you receive you can use the JADE eCAMPUS and display or print any certificates you may need (proof of BAFöG, matriculation [enrolment] certificate, etc.).

The account accessed here contains all the necessary information for unrestricted working on the IT-systems of the Jade University of Applied Sciences and is equivalent to being given the card in person.

Privacy Notice: The following information is required to prove your identity as part of the disclosure of your access data. The data you provide will be checked against your matriculation data. You cannot be identified without providing your matriculation number, chip card serial number and your date of birth. In this case, you have the option to collect your access data personally. The processing of your data is based on Art. 6 para. 1 e) DSGVO by the student administration and the computer centre of the Jade Hochschule. A successful identity check deletes the data collected here for identity checking. Further information on data protection, your rights and contact persons

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** The chip serial number is printed on the back of the CampusCard at the bottom right. 
It is the left one of the three numbers.