Squat Workshop 2009

3rd Squat-Workshop

Nautical Aspects of Ship Dynamics

21./22. October 2009
University of Applied Sciences, Elsfleth


The maritime and the surveying departments of the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/ Wilhelmshaven have been collaborating for many years on squat and other nautical aspects of ship dynamics. Presently, our research activities are funded by a local (Lower Saxony) government programme. On the occasion of the project’s mid-term review we will host a conference at the new campus in Elsfleth (near Bremen).

During the workshop the following topics are covered:

  • squat and under-keel clearance
  • trim and squat
  • trim and efficiency of propulsion
  • numerical computations for restricted and unrestricted waters
  • model tank experiments
  • tools for analysis and modelling
  • measurement and prediction of wave response
  • real-time aspects