Dear International Students,

Congratulations on your decision to study abroad! We are delighted that you are considering studying at Jade University of Applied Sciences. To make our department attractive for international students from one of our partner institutions around the world, we have developed a various course catalogue taught in english. Upon achieving the relevant qualifications shown, a Bachelor of Engineering degree can be completed with us.

Course catalogue

Please request the current list of available modules always before your study period in Wilhelmshaven.

termdegreecompulsory electiveECTS
ssB.Eng.Computer security5
ssB.Eng.Microelectronics 1 (with lab)5
ssB.Eng.State space control5
wsB.Eng.Artificial intelligence (with lab)5
wsB.Eng.TCP/IP network programming (with lab)5
ss + ws *B.Eng.Business Administration Marketing5
ss + ws *B.Eng.Internettechnology 15
wsB.Eng.Wireless communication techniques5
wsB.Eng.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (with lab)5
wsM.Eng.Realtime computing (with lab)5
wsM.Eng.Rubber technology5
termdegreekey qualificationECTS
ssB.Eng.Project management5
ssM.Eng.Intercultural negotiations2,5
ss + wsB.Eng.Intercultural communication and management5
ss + wsB.Eng. / M.Eng.German as a foreign language5
ss + wsM.Eng.Intercultural presentations2,5
wsB.Eng.Behavior in organizations5


Study concept

You need to take 30 ECTS per semester.

Quality study abroad experience for international students

Small class sizes provide the best learning environment and allow for close contact with professors and fellow students. The selection of internationally oriented lectures, our international Biomedical Engineering Summer Course and American-German Summer Course, reflects the commitment of the  Department of Engineering Sciences to internationalize.

degreesummer coursesECTS
B.Eng.American-German Summer Course
(2 compulsory elective + 1 key qualification
within 5 weeks during term break) *
3 x 5
B. Eng.Biomedical Engineering Summer Course
(1 compulsory elective + 1 key qualification
within 3 weeks during term break) *
2 x 5

* modules change every year