Lili from CHINA


Name: Lili Yun
Age: 22
Home country: China
Study course: Business Computing
Semester: 5. Semester
Duration of stay: 7 Semester
Language skills: Chinese, English, German

„As far away as possible from home!“

It is a relaxed atmosphere. The tutor is sitting on his desk and the students are asking questions about the lecture. This is normal for students in Germany, but would be unthinkable in China. This difference emboldened Lili, a 22-years-old from Hefei, China. She has lived in Wilhelmshaven for two years now: “In China it is not allowed at the university to leave the room or start laptops in lectures.”

Two years in China – Three years in Germany

As far away as possible from Asia, Lili wanted nothing less than life in Europe. This was her main thought when she decided to study abroad after school. The cooperation between the University of Hefei and the Jade University was ideal for Lili´s plan. The program is called “Two plus Three”. After two years studying German language and literature studies in China, the participants spend three years doing undergraduate studies in Wilhelmshaven. To study in Germany, the participants have to pass several different exams. The language test was especially important in Lili’s opinion: “Here nearly everything is in German. At the University and in the daily routine, you need the language.” After passing the language test, Lili began to study Business Computing at the Jade University in Wilhelmshaven. She was not the only student from Hefei – 30 other students from China began their studies in Wilhelmshaven. Among them was Lili’s friend Ling. They had known each other since studying in China and had shared a flat for a time. The first few months in Germany, they lived together in a hostel where many foreign students lived.

„It’s great how helpfil the people are.“

After one term, Lili’s friends arranged to share a flat together. They got help from other students from the University. “We got to know a lot of older people who are really helpful. One old woman gave us a lamp for nothing!” said Lili. Even today the girls get help from their neighbours, such as fixing their bikes when they are broken. Lili feels really comfortable in her flat-sharing community. She likes to go out with her two flatmates but she has her own room where she can relax and do Yoga and other hobbies. On the weekends and in the long summer vacations Lili works at a little hotel. “My move to a foreign country has helped me become self-sufficient”.

A new culture – a new language

Cultural experiences in Germany have been especially important to Lili. “I am really interesting in other cultures and languages.” Lili got the chance to show her own culture to the students at Jade University. On an international evening, arranged by the International Office, Lili cooked traditional Chinese food. Lili likes especially the people from Wilhelmshaven. Before she came to Germany, she heard, that the Germans are always on time and rather direct compared to others. “I met people who are really frank with others and I have waited missed the bus three times this week”, laughed Lili. Lili found something she loves more in Germany than in China: The chocolate. In Germany the chocolate doesn’t just taste better, it’s also even cheaper than in China. After Lili’s undergraduate study, she wants to stay in Germany for a few more years. Maybe she will enter postgraduate study here or work for a while. Lili does plan to return to China, but not for a while!