Flexible Studies

Who are we looking for?

You work at a company in a maritime or logistics context, e.g. nautical officers, assistants of the management, consultants, surveyors etc.

Your future career starts here

You are interested in a qualification which allows you to be promoted to an upper management level at a maritime company (e.g. shipping companies, terminal operators, maritime banks and insurers) or in the public administration sector.

Six good reasons for studying International Maritime Management

The design of our degree programme meets the specific demands of your workplace.

  1. Limited Internet access: As your access to the Internet is not always given on a sea-going vessel we offer the teaching material off-line
  2. Times of absence and holidays: As your work phases and leisure times on a sea-going vessel are irregular we organise very flexible on-campus attendance phases in Elsfleth (Germany) with three meetings throughout your studies.
  3. Different time zones: As you are located around the globe you are living in different time zones. We exchange information via asynchronous means of communication so that you will be able to follow all discussions.
  4. No disruption of employment: Our maritime programme of work and study enables you to achieve the M.Sc. degree without interrupting your professional career.
  5. Combination of work and study: Our concept combines your studies with your work and leads to mutal benefits.
  6. English language: We teach and communicate completely in English. This is in line with the international character of the maritime industry and leads to multi-cultural teams you also find in your professional environment.

Time needed to complete your M.Sc. studies

Flexibility of the IMM study course

With our flexible concept we enable you to arrange your studies very flexibly. You can reduce or extend your work load in line with your professional and family situation. As a minimum, you can study one unit per semester or interrupt them in busy times. The whole programme takes 2.5 years in part-time or 1.5 years in full-time. This equals 90 credit points and a total of nine units.

Why a blended learning concept?

Didactic concept of the study course

Our concept meets your demands. We integrate distance education and on-campus education into a blended learning concept. This enables you to study:

  • independently from an Internet access
  • wherever and whenever you want
  • at your own speed and
  • in a way which integrates your individual work experience.

During the whole programme, we will meet you three times at our faculty in Elsfleth. We offer on-campus learning phases every six months (in March and September) for various purposes:

  • getting to know each other
  • communicating face-to-face and learning from each other
  • learning about the characteristics of a distance degree course
  • getting to know the learning management system
  • handling administration matters and
  • preparing and organising examinations.

Get in touch with our units

All learning units have an identical structure. We offer our teaching material as printable PDF and as eBook files for mobile devices like tablet computers and mobile phones. Each course comprises theoretical concepts followed by practical applications with reference to your individual jobs. While you are learning you communicate with your fellow students and with us via a bulletin board.

How to assess your learning

Finishing a unit requires to pass three tasks. The two theoretical parts are completed by passing self-assessments in the learning management system. This gives you a feedback on your learning process. You can do them at any time, and they are automatically corrected for an instant response. The practical part is based on a task which refers to your job. It may consist of a homework, a presentation or a written exam.

Enrol into our M.Sc. course

To enrol in our programme:

  1. You must have completed a bachelor's degree programme or equivalent.
  2. An employment in the maritime field can facilitate your studies.

Every undergraduate programme with a maritime or logistics setting is appropriate. Also the alumni with an under-graduate degree in economics, engineering and legal study courses are enabled to apply for the distance degree course. Independently from your certificate you should at least have earned 180 credit points during your undergraduate course.

Find out more

We hope to offer you an interesting, challenging and successful distance post-graduate degree course for your personal demands. The following links provide further information: