Workgroup 4: Agritourism

Agro-/Agritourism is basically where agriculture and tourism interact. The interaction gets a lot of faces e.g. offer accommodation for tourist (e.g. bed-and-breakfast), wine tastings, selling farm-products or regional handmade stuff (e.g. carpets…) to the bypassing tourist, horseback riding and so on. The difficulty is that the todays work usually has nothing to do with tourism. So the actors in ago-/agritourism have to learn about the needs of different stakeholders in the tourism business. Above all, here are the needs and requirements of tour operators and individual travelers. In the most cases the focus on tourism will be an additional income to the farmers and could not replace the income from farm-work. In the module should be shown to the learners who to develop products in agro-/agritourism by looking at the individual needs of the different stakeholders. The focus will be product development for individual travelers by the regional actors in agro-/agritourism, to start cooperation and get partners in the regional context and learn about marketing and distribution. Also an important issue is the integration into regional development and look for the needs of rural societies.