Workgroup 7: Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism and Human Resources

The course “Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism/Human Resources Management” is designed to give the students complete, thorough theoretical and practical knowledge and skills about the processes of organizing effective management of human resources and the applicable mechanisms, based on the experience of the operating organisations in the field of
tourism and hospitality.

Therefore, the cornerstone of this course is to observe, study and monitor the possible improvement and development opportunities, effectiveness and prospects of the process of managing human resources in tourism industry.

Hence, one of the most essential issues is taken as a stem for this course: to analyze and revealthe ways according to which the organizations of the tourism and hospitality sector are going to and should attract, maintain and develop an effective workforce and highly productive, creative personnel, to ensure, provide a healthy working environment which will be their guaranty of success and sustainable market place.

As a result of the course, a student should:


  • The essence and objectives of human resources management in tourism industry, as well
    as the basic concepts and definitions, various approaches, trends and future developments
    of human resource management.
  • The strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative effects of human resources
    management in order to create an ideal working environment for achieving a maximum
    output in market.
  • The importance and potential, peculiarities and efficiency level of human resources
    management in the field of tourism for providing a high quality service and for having a

    maximum competitive advantage in industry.

    Be able to

  • Review and analyze the current international experience in the field of human resource
  • Evaluate the existing and prospective opportunities, benefits and advantages of the field
  • Observe and study the problems of management and development, offer solutions based

    on their own observations and studies

    Master, command of

  • The principles and skills of organizing human resource management correctly and
    creating healthy working relations and environment
  • Knowledge and practical skills acquired during the course
  • Skills of making necessary comparisons and formulating recommendations concerning
    the subject, analytical thinking and professional approach to studying and observing